Externs of buzz.js for Haxe

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Externs of buzz.js for Haxe - A Javascript HTML5 Audio library.


haxelib install buzz


Look at the demo folder for the source code of above example.


package ;

import buzz.Buzz;
import buzz.BuzzSound;
import buzz.events.BuzzEvent;

class Main {

    private var _sound:BuzzSound;

    public function new() {
        //autoplay is false by default
        //this is just to show how you can set default properties
        //like autoplay, loop, preload, etc
        Buzz.defaults.autoplay = false;
        Buzz.defaults.webAudioApi = true;
        _sound = new BuzzSound("sounds/test", { 
            formats: [ "ogg", "mp3" ],
            preload: true 
        _sound.bind(BuzzEvent.CAN_PLAYTHROUGH, _playSound);

    private function _playSound():Void {

    private static function main() {
        new Main();

This content is released under the MIT License.

Buzz is written by Jay Salvat and licensed under the MIT License.