Externs of howler.js for Haxe

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Externs of howler.js for Haxe - Modern Web Audio Javascript Library.


haxelib install howlerjs

Please note that these externs are originally created by INSWEATER. I modified a few things and made it available on haxelib.


Look at the samples folder for the source code of above example.


import howler.Howl;

class Main {

    public function new() {
        var options:HowlOptions = {};
        options.urls = ["sound.mp3", "sound.ogg"];
        options.autoplay = false;
        options.onload = function() {
        var snd = new Howl(options);

    static function main() {
        new Main();

Licensing Information

MIT license

This content is released under the MIT License.

howler.js is written by James Simpson and licensed under the MIT License.